Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Make bookmarks or gift tags from product boxes - recycle DIY

Sometimes the product packaging is as impressive as the actual product.  I have kept many empty boxes with the hope of somehow reusing them.  Usually, I end up tossing them in the recycle bin after they've sat around my studio for a year or so. 

One of our favorite scents is Frasier Fur by Thymes.  My MIL gave us a reed diffuser for Christmas and it smells terrific. The design on the packaing is so pretty.  I'm a sucker for faux bois. And the weight and quality of the box is simply lovely. Yep, I'm a big ol' paper nerd. So, I decided I couldn't let it go.

Using my metal ruler and sharp X-acto knife, I cut the box apart for maximum usage.  I made 3" x 1" strips that will be perfect as gift tags or bookmarks (both of which I use a plenty throughout the year).  I punched a hole in each strip and added some embroidery thread.

 Alternative use:  I love sticking something small like this into orders that I package up from á la mode.

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