January 1, 2018 update here.

In no particular order and among many things I am a wife, mother (to 2 boys and 3 dogs), designer, blogger, self taught techie, music loving, sewist. This blog is ever evolving (and has even taken a sabbatical) but after many years is still around. Currently, it is cataloging my adventures in sewing but helpful go-to recipes, cute dog adventures and other everyday "stuff" can be found here as well.


Some background:  I studied architecture and interior design in school. After working for an architect for 2 years, I headed to the non profit world and spent my next 10 years gaining invaluable skills in marketing, pr, and fund raising.

à la mode (my line of modern handbags, home accessories jewelry, and more - 2005 - 2011) was when I began this blog as a way to journal my business happenings.  As it turns out, I've enjoyed an entire new world of communicating and sharing online.  If you like simple living, handmade design, and modern aesthetic with a bit of humor tossed in, you'll enjoy this blog.  You can read more about me here.

There have been numerous friends and contributors to this blog over the years.  You can find their information and links here and here.

I welcome your comments and questions.  You can either leave me a comment on this blog or contact me directly here.

Where else can you find à la mode STUFF?

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