Friday, April 1, 2011

A letter from my neighbor - OM [one moment] meet up #46

I've been able to hold it together this week although I still feel as if I'm on the verge of tears at all times.  The stress of selling our house and all that is involved in moving (I'm sure you are tired of hearing about it) is ever present.  I'm coasting through each day in a haze.

My back is officially on the outs.  It's my body's way of showing who's boss.  By doctors' orders, I'm banned from the gym and must "take it easy."  I wish someone could tell me how it is possible to "take it easy" when you have two active kids, a dog, and a husband (who works too many hours) and have to keep the house spotless at all times (for strangers and realtors to come through).

Not quite sure what is going on w/my back other than I have chronic pain and spasms.  Most certainly disk related, but there is nothing I can do but manage the pain and "take it easy."  I'm doing that to the best of my ability.

Back to keeping things together emotionally...

All was going well until I get a handwritten letter in the mail from my dear neighbor.  She is in her mid to late '80s, newly widowed, and the sweetest person you can meet.  Her letter basically said how nice it was to have us as her backyard neighbors.  She knew our move was coming but it wasn't real to her until she saw the "for sale" sign in our yard.

That did it.  Streams of tears and buckets of emotion came pouring out.

She goes on to write how she loved watching the kids grow up, that her late husband loved having the back door opened to hear the kids playing, and how our backyard parties and neighborhood get togethers were such happy gatherings.

Are you welling up yet?!

She remembered and listed many of the goodies we shared with her:  C's key lime pie and my French/Vietnamese sandwiches.

She even mentioned the most recent addition to our family - Sophie.

Flood gates are open.
I may never stop crying.

This was the kindest, most heart-felt letter I've ever received.  It even made C well up.  To have someone take the time to hand write this detailed letter and to have thought of us so affectionately is incredible.  I am deeply humbled...

...and now, officially, a basket case.

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  1. yup, you got me. tears are welling :) neighbours like that are truly special, but i've no doubt you will find a wonderful spot to settle when you move.
    i've dealt with disk problems in my low back for about 8 years. not fun, not cool, and definitely aggravated by stress. i wish you well, linda. of course it will be hard not to do any activity -- have you had traction? very helpful...

  2. *sniff* A rewarding relationship with a neighbor is such a gift. It bites to endure this emotional roller coaster, but isn't it nice to know you've made such wonderful memories?

  3. The power of a handwritten note is unmatchable. Your neighbor's generation knew this... we should do it more often.

    I know in the present moment that this doesn't help, but you know it will all work out. I wish I could relieve your stress in some small way. I know you would feel better physically. Hang in there, my friend!

  4. Guess I have a head start on you. I well up every time I look out my window at that "for sale" sign. Thanks for adding to the flow of tears that I, as well, can't seem to manage. How sweet of her to send that to you guys. xox

  5. Oh Linda, what a beautiful post. A handwritten note like that is rare, and truly a gift! I think it speaks to what an amazing lady, mother and wife you are, and of course it speaks amazingly of your neighbor as well. It's good to know such sweet acts still happen.

    Hang in there sweet lady! I can't imagine all that is on your plate right now. Please do "take it easy", things, over time, will take care of themselves, and all will get done.

  6. What a wonderful letter. Its given you permission to cry and release the stress that's been building up. Hopefully you'll feel better and things wont be so bad. Get the kids to lend a hand (hard I know) and hubbie should lessen his hours a bit so you all get some fun family time before you leave.

  7. Wow, this really got eyes are all watered up just thinking about your sweet neighbor, her note, your pain, and the stress of moving! When it rains it pours, I guess, but that doesn't help you feel any better. We moved to our new home 6 months ago and left 3 of thee most special neighbors ever! They knew my kids since birth and LOVED them so much. It was hard to leave but it's been nice to keep in touch. I am sending you tons of positive energy to get through these tough days, in other words, I'm chanting aummmmmmmmmm...

  8. I'm late to the party on this post, Linda, but oh how nice of your neighbor to write such a lovely note. I hope your back is feeling better. Moving is incredibly stressful and parting (to coin a phrase) is such sweet sorrow. Keep plugging away at that to-do list, one day at a time, and it will all work out.


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