Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My first go round with cake pops

Crossing this fun treat off my "to do" list was fun this week.  Ethan and I tried our hand at some ghoulish cake pops.  They did not turn out as polished as I would have liked but I now know what to do the next time we try. These are fun, yummy, and a much better treat size for the kids.  These pops are particularly good just out of the frig.  The icing is crisp and the cake center is moist and chewy. 

What I used:
I used chocolate cake and chocolate frosting but will definitely try a different flavor next time.  I used mini and regular size chocolate chips for the eyes and mouth.  I'm going to buy edible markers in the future.

I used Bakerella's recipe from Martha Stewart and watched her video to pick up any other tips she had.  I will definitely spend more time mixing next time.  I now understand the consistency she goes for.  I'll also buy two bags of the melting chips (craft store baking section) and a deep bowl for dipping.  We ran out thus the partially dipped pops with sprinkles.  You can see I used a box to stand my finished pops but will be buying Styrofoam for next time.

This next week, I'll be making the eyeballs featured on Bakerella's site.  Photos to come.

Do you have any holiday treats up your sleeve?


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