Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween - by Crafted by Lindy - Fab Finds from Etsy

Top to Bottom, Left to Right
1. 12 Flying Bat Halloween Cupcake Toppers - TheCakesmith
 2. Itsies - Boo Ghost Halloween Charms - TimberGreenWoods
 3. Halloween party photo prop chalkboard on a stick - PaperPolaroid
4. Quite Bewitching Halloween 25' Paper Garland - MaraMay

Top to Bottom, Left to Right
5. Halloween Ring - EyeBall Ring - iceblues
6. Candy Snakes 12 Fun Halloween Cake Decor - andiespecialtysweets
7. Baby Halloween Costume Funny Sushi Toddler Costume Onesie - TheWishingElephant
8. HEARTLESS - skeleton necklace - PASSIONandPAISLEY

[Lindy lives in Alberta, Canada, with her husband, son and daughter. Besides blogging, she enjoys running her stationery business and creating new designs for her Etsy shop. You can read her own blog here]


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