Friday, August 26, 2011

Sunshine on my shoulders - OM [one moment] meet up


Several sunflowers suddenly appeared in our overgrown garden.  What a bright and cheery surprise.  I seized the moment and took a dozen photos.  Joy!

You can see other shots I took in my Flickr set titled Around new home and garden (I'll be keeping a photo journal of all that we're doing).

How was your week?


  1. As I just shouted on Flickr and Twitter, that picture is absoLUTely GORGEOUS! That blue!!!! Sigh, just beautiful.

    I'm glad you found your camera cord! Or bought a new one!

  2. Hi Linda, the colors are so beautifully vivid. Sunflowers have a way of always bringing a smile to my face. I joined in on the OM fun this week. My post is here:

  3. @Candied Fabrics

    Thanks. I bought an extra battery and charger which I can't find from the move. I love my camera!

  4. @Cyn

    I hear you. Especially when you are getting hit by a hurricane. Max said he missed rain and this morning we had our first rainfall since we moved here. It lasted 3 minutes.

    Stay safe!


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