Saturday, July 11, 2009

Gone camping...Carrie Bradshaw style

We've gone camping for the weekend. Hopefully, I'll have some great photos and glorious stories to share next week.
My husband calls me the Carrie Bradshaw (from Sex and the City) camper. He says that if I could, I'd pack my heels to bring along. I'll admit that I'm not big on "roughing" it and would only survive for 24 hours, at best, without a bathroom. I mean, really, is it necessary in a civilized society?!
Although we camp in a tent, it is large enough to accommodate our queen size and the boy's twin size mattresses. I bring bed linens, not sleeping bags, and I always set up a makeshift nightstand next to my side of the bed. You know... for my jewelry, lamp, book, and water each night. What can I say, I like to create the comfort of home.
A year ago, I discovered a glorious campground. It's truly luxurious with pools (both indoors and out), Jacuzzi, activities, and clean bathrooms. To me, this is roughing it. To my husband, this isn't camping at all.

Yes, the photo below is truly the main recreation center and two of the pools.

There is even a cute general store and gift shop.

Now, if only I could get someone to pack all of our gear and food for us.

To my friend, Waterrose, kudos to you. I am not worthy.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Haha, that campsite sounds fantastic. I love real camping too though, too bad my bf doesn't! I guess it's all down to what you grew up with.

  2. hee hee...this is my idea of camping too. Except minus the tent and plus a hotel room. tee hee!

  3. Wow I love that campsite...I love to swim (in pools/not lakes). I was laughing all of the time I was reading your great adventure! how do you get those marshmellows roasted...a twig or metal forks so the MM don't fall off?

  4. I use metal forks. We also bought one of those nifty campfire panini presses. They make great pies and sammies!


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