Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurrican Irene hits Barrington, RI - our previous home town

I'm making the assumption that Diana's regular photo post, Captured, will be delayed today due to power outages all over Rhode Island. I kept in touch with a few of my friends and neighbors yesterday (during the brunt of the storm) via cell phone - that is until their batteries died. Many have now been out of power for two days. I saw plenty of game playing by candle light photos.

Since Barrington (the town from which we just moved) is on the Narragansett Bay, we often experienced high winds and rain on the tail end of hurricanes. The town's last big hurricane was in the 1938. Last year we also experienced a 100 year flood that I posted about at the time. I understand this was a pretty intense storm for our little town. I saw pictures of trees uprooted, sailboats blown off their moorings, and breached seawalls on Facebook.

Here are some general photos from RI that I've found on Facebook or Flickr.  This first one (most certainly doctored)  made me laugh.  The other photos were taken in and around Providence, just a ways away from Barrington.

BMW vs. Tree
photo by amojarro -
That's a BMW under that tree!

I'm glad everyone is safe and that the storm is over. I hope electricity and clean up gets underway soon. I was vicariously  riding the waves with all of you!


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