Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding - by Crafted by Lindy - Fab Finds from Etsy

Top to Bottom, Left to Right

1. 12 Edible GOLD Crowns (wafer paper edible glitter) - sweetdejavu
2. Royal Party Parade Poster - belleandboo
3. Typographic 'Royal Wedding' Coordinate Art Print - beargraphics
4. Waft ... Dark Blue Cocktail Dress - aftershowershop
Top to Bottom, Left to Right
5. British Patriotic Union Jack Flag Brass Cuff - jezebelcharms
6. Double band golden tiara - myrakim
7. royal wedding dinner plate Prince William and Kate Middleton - HouseThatLarsBuilt
8. The London Eye at Dusk - Raceytay

[Lindy lives in Alberta, Canada, with her husband, son and daughter. Besides blogging, she enjoys running her stationery business and creating new designs for her Etsy shop. You can read her own blog here]

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  1. what a great list! Thanks so much for featuring our plate. love your blog!

    The House That Lars Built


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