Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Designer of mid century modern rocking chair solved - Milo Baughman

Years ago (at least 5), I was driving through a neighboring town when something caught my eye.  Sitting outside an antique shop, was this mid century modern rocking chair and ottoman.  It was love at first sight.  I asked how much the owners wanted for it and bought it on the spot.  It was less than $200 (I want to say $160) and came with no other information other than it was indeed mid century.

I tried to research its maker via books and online but was never successful.  So I gave up.

5 years later...

I began following @Chairsmith on Twitter.  Between tweets and reading Chairsmith's blog, we've struck up a twendship.  I must admit, I know very little about @Chairsmith other than he or she (they??) is in England and likes chairs "with a focus on iconic classics and mid-century modern pieces."  So, who better to ask about my aforementioned rocker than @Chairsmith?  This is the response I got:

Note:  I love that "Right-oh" forces me to read the response with a British accent.

I sent my photo and within minutes I received this response:

Milo Baughman!!  A-ha!  This was the first time I had seen another chair of its kind.  How exciting! I'm fairly certain its an original because of the way its constructed in the back.  Also, the fabric screams 1960's chic.  No matter, I love this chair and it will fit perfectly into our new mid century modern home in Reno.  Come to find out, I may also own one of Baughman's tables from the 1970's (given to us by my MIL). See photo below.

Thank you, @Chairsmith, for solving this mystery for me. 

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