Tuesday, March 29, 2011

6 easy uses for cup hooks around the house

cup hooks

I always have a stash of cup hooks lying around. Over the years they have been useful for a variety of jobs. I never really gave them much thought until I began cleaning and purging my house recently. I have them in almost every room of my house.

Cup hooks are inexpensive. You can get them at your local hardware or craft store in a variety of colors and sizes. They are easy to install and are functional beyond just holding cups. Here are 5 ways I've used cup hooks around my house:

1) For my measuring cups and spoons. I hate digging around for them in my drawers. 

I like mine hanging near the wall (back side of cabinet) instead of up front. They never get in my way and are within arms reach.  Simply screw them under the cabinets in the meaty part of the wood (not through the bottom of the cabinet).
measuring cups

2)  I use one to hang my bananas.  I like the idea behind stands for hanging bananas but I never liked the space they used or their general look.  By hanging an "s" hook onto a cup hook, I can keep my counter clear and hang bananas when I have them.  The "s" hook is placed in a nearby drawer when not in use and you can't see the cup hook.

hook for bananas

I place the hook(s) near the front part of the cabinet to allow room for the bananas to hang freely (again screwing the cup hook into the meaty part of the cabinet and not the bottom).

hook for bananas

3)  I use them to hang several mobiles throughout in my house.  This one, in particular, hangs over our staircase.


4)  I have decorative hanging lights in every bedroom.  This one made from paper, by designer Tord Boontje, hangs in my studio/office [any suggestions on how I'm going to move this w/out squashing it would be welcomed].

midsummer shade light by Tord Boontje

5)  I've used them to hang my switch plates on display boards for retailers. This photo is from years ago, but you get the idea.

6)  I've also used them on the side of my work bench/sewing table to hold my scissors (sorry, I don't have a photo and have packed away my studio for the move).  Here is another great way to use them for display:

Binder Clips on Hooks
By Indigo Peeps

It seems I use cup hooks for everything BUT cups! So, to pay homage to its original purpose, here are some great hanging cup displays:

morning coffee cups
By little blue hen

By Jennifer.Madden

coffee cups
By juco

Do you use cup hooks?  If so, how do you use them? 


  1. Great ideas and pictures! I love those hanging paper lights.

  2. great ideas! i don't have ANY cup hangers in my home and you gave me a bunch of reasons why i should ;)


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