Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sewing tools of the trades

E came up to me the other morning and said, "Mom, I want to show you my sewing."

Wow, I had no idea he was working on a solo project. We usually make puppets, stuffed creatures, Naruto headbands, and the like together.

"Dad taught me how to stitch last night." He points to the table and I see what they were up to while M and I were at karate the night before. C had pulled out the tools of his trade and taught E how to sew surgical knots...with my linocut rubber (stamp/printmaking supplies) none the less.

It hadn't escaped me that C and I both sew for a living...he on flesh and I on fabric (hmm...a great title for something...flesh and fabric...). It is fair that the kids would get to learn both. However, I'm feeling a shift in occupational interest from working at Build a Bear to working in the ER. I guess it was inevitable.

E showed me how he could make a stitch using the suture scissors while not touching the rubber or the needle with his fingers. I was impressed. I could use that technique with my seat belts as my fingers are sore from hand stitching. Maybe I can get both of them to practice while helping me make bags.


  1. That is hilarious!! Good for Dad for jumping in to teach his mad skillz!

  2. You totally should put them ALL to work! LOL!


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