Friday, October 2, 2009

Fred and Friends - a quirky company with huge design flare and a great sense of humor

This post started simply as a shout-out to a friend, Jason Amendolara, the art director at Fred and Friends. One of his designs popped up on Jay Leno on September 22.

Since I hadn't stopped by his blog in a while, I hopped over there and was blown away with some of their newest offerings.

First, Fred and Friends, is a quirky Rhode Island company that features useful products with a sense of humor. You've probably seen some of their items, such as the "pick your nose" cups, in boutiques across the nation or in a magazine. Why do I love them so? I believe that our everyday life, as mundane as it may get, needs laughter. And if I can get a smirk out of a the pot holder I grab at dinner, then that is brilliant!

So, here are a few of my favorite 2009 F & F products. Oh, who am I kidding! I love them all. Take at gander at their 2009 catalog here.

Jason - Way to go, man! Way to go!
Fred & Friends - thank you for bringing levity to everyday life!


  1. i'm really intrigued by all of their things in this catalog! too funny! thanks for sharing :-)


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