Friday, September 25, 2009

The simple pleasures in the little moments of parenthood

There are little moments in parenting that make me grin from ear to ear. They are sometimes few and far between but when they hit me, I get chills up my spine. I think these moments are enhanced to make us appreciate the mundane aspects of parenting.

Every morning, I drop my youngest off in front of his school. I pull my car in line with the rest of the parents, stealthily kiss him on the cheek, and watch him exit the car to meander his way to the front door of his school. Each morning, I sit there, eyes glued and watch him for that one moment that he may turn around to wave. It doesn't happen often, but I don't want him to miss me if he happens to look back.

This morning I laughed as I realized that this little moment in my morning makes me so happy. I watched the other parents in their own routines: some walk their children to the door, some just stand by their car, a few drop their kids and take off late for work. Most of us lingered...watching...waiting...

He didn't look back this morning, but I was glad I watched him until I couldn't see him anymore.

Diagram of E meandering from car to front door of school.


  1. sweet.

    i like that you made a diagram for your post!


  2. I could have written that same post...isn't it funny the pleasures we get from such simple little things.

    One of mine would never, ever look back (way too big for that) while the other one would wave & turn around endlessly. Great memories.

  3. My kids are 26 and 28 and you brought back fond memories. At a certain point, when waiting for the school bus to bring home my son I was given instructions that I needed to wait around the corner for him. He wanted to be all grown up and didn't want the other kids to see "mom". But, as he rounded that corner he ran with arms open jumping into mine and we hugged and kissed. DD would have preferred that I be on that school bus with her going and coming....Thanks for reminding me.

  4. Isn't it interesting how different each of their personalities can be?!

    My 8 yr old says he doesn't want anyone to see me kiss him in front of school. However when I meet him off the bus ea. day, he runs and practically jumps into my arms with a huge hug. LoL, I'll take what I can get!

    My 12 yr old offers "random hugs of affection" on a regular basis and kisses me on the cheek willingly and freely.


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