Thursday, September 24, 2009

My life in lists: perfume choices through the decades

I distinctly ('stinkly') remember my mom's perfume, Tabu. It is the first recollection I have of the power of perfume. Over the years, I've gone through many different brands and scents. I used to ask for a new perfume each Christmas and if I was lucky, the perfume would come with an extra make-up gift set.

One year, my dad told me that I should have a "signature scent" and not constantly change brands. He wasn't telling me this so that I could emulate Coco Chanel but rather so I'd stop asking him to buy me various expensive brands at every mood swing.
As perfumes seem to last forever, I still have several of these bottles sitting on my childhood dresser in my dad's house.

This is not an exhaustive list but rather a brief summery:


Blue Jeans by Shulton

Love's Baby Soft


Anais Anais by Cacharel

Lauren by Ralph Lauren


Obsession by Calvin Klein


Sometime in the mid '90s, I found a great shop in Chicago and fell in love with an oil blend called Egyptian Musk. Haunted by my dad's words about having a "signature scent" (which, btw, also includes style, but that's another post), I've been wearing it exclusively ever since (tres Coco, no?!). Now, not every Egyptian Musk is the same and I've been in contact with this store and it's various owners over the years so that I don't loose this scent. It practically oozes from my pores and even on days that I don't wear it, I've been told you can still smell like it.

Tell me about your perfumes. 'Fess up, was it Charlie or Jean Nate? What was/is your favorite or must have brand?
Oh, and guys, I know you can join in on this one! Remember Drakkar anyone?


  1. Jean Nate'????

    Great post..... I loved Jovan Musk!!

  2. This is so funny...I too asked for a new perfume every year. I only remember that I liked a Liz Claiborn fragrance in my high school years. My best friend wore Tabu. Now I wear a Ginger scent from Bath and Body.

  3. OMG now I know we were separated at birth- my mom wore Tabu and I totally remember buying Love's Baby Soft- I think I remember Blue Jeans- sounds like something I would have read about in Seventeen magazine and bought. Boyfriends were always buying Jean Nate at Christmas or someone did (which I hated, but was probably cheap)- now I like musks, too (and things with food smells like vanilla but not florals)- but I don't have a signature scent- AND I WANT ONE - your dad was right!

  4. After so many years of wearing one particular scent, I must admit I get bored with it. BUT, I always go back to it.

  5. i love your list posts. my mom was big on wearing "joy" and would tell us it was the most expensive perfume. true? who knows.

    70s - definitely loves baby soft or loves lemon.
    80s - obsession. my bf wouldn't wear polo so i'd wear it myself.
    90s - angel by thierry mugler
    now - still have some angel and wear it in the fall; also like this lemony stuff but can't think of the name, and leftover pink stuff i always like from the defunct garden botanika.


  6. Love's Baby Soft was the perfume of choice while I was growing up. Now, I LOVE Euphoria by Calvin Klein. It is perfectly me!

    By the way, I just found your blog through Harvard Housewife. =)


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