Friday, April 15, 2011

Would you rather...? OM [one moment] meet up #48

Warning: The first paragraph is a *downer dump.  If you do not want to be exposed to it, please skip and begin reading paragraph two.

It's been a tough week. I won't sugar coat it. My back is out. We think it's a ruptured disc. I've spent many hours in the horizontal position. I've watched 4 movies on Netflix in 1 1/2 days and even started to watch Glee. The pain is constant and has reminded me of my labor pains with the boys. I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever feel like my old self again.

E started reading from his new book, Would You Rather...? (the radically repulsive version), this morning.  The questions were ridiculous and gross.  But, being a good sport, I had to answer the questions.

27/52 - Would you rather?  Project 52
Question number 1:
Would you rather eat 25 jalapeno peppers each day
drink a glass of blended insects?

Question number 2:
Would you rather have jellyfish tentacles for hair
bat wings for ears? (things to think about: stinging your own face, stinging your enemies, fanning yourself on hot days with your wings, getting haircuts)

There was another question involving boogers as dimes but I can't seem to find it.

As strange as it may be, this book (along with the fact that E loved it so much) really made my morning.  Each question immediately relieved me from my pain and general blah attitude.  I felt silly, yet answered each with utter certainty including thoughtful reasons that justified my choices. 

This book has been by my side all day.  When I begin feeling sorry for myself, I reach for it, ask myself a goofy question, and thoughtfully give myself the answer. 

So, how would you answer those questions?
You can see my answers on my Facebook fan page - discussions.

*Downer dump - a deluge of information that is negative; to moan and grown out loud; to complain, vent, or kvetch.

om [one moment] meet upOM is a weekly meet up that promotes living in the moment.  Whether funny, sad, ridiculous, or banal, actively looking for and sharing these moments will promote balance in our lives.

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  1. Oh, Linda, I'm sending you all the best wishes for a speedy recovery...

    Cute book and great questions...although Miss C asks me crazy/difficult questions all the time without the book.

    For instance:

    1. Would you give up your life to save 1000 strangers that you would never, ever meet?

    2. Would you save me or Bub if we were both drowning?

    3. Would you rather lose your eye sight or both hearing/speech?

    4. Would you rather be born ridiculously rich but stupid or ridiculously intelligent but always poor?

    5. Would you rather smell really, really bad to everyone you met or would you rather that everyone you met were really, really smelly?

    Oh, they go on and on, she usually asks me a few every day so if she asks me any new ones today, I'll come back here & ask you, too.

    Just to tear you away from that Netflix! :) xoxo Beth

  2. I think a little kvetching is in order for your current situation. I'm glad you found a successful distraction to your pain. Wishing with all my might that you recover, if not instantly, very, very soon!

  3. @Cyn

    Thanks, Cyn. I feel like thats all I do anymore. I figure if I add some snark and good humor, you all will overlook it.

  4. @Ruby’s Upcycle Designs™

    She is way too deep, that one! She asks the hart questions. I'll stick with boogers and farting.

  5. You might as well go to's where I turn when I'm really down in the dumps. It's a quick, albeit, temporary fix.

  6. CRAP! Huge comment lost forever! AAAAAAHHHHHH f**ing blogger I blame you! ;-)

    SIgh...I was trying to share with you my own experience with a herniated disk. The ending of which goes like this: a combination of PT, chiropractic work, a new mattress, not being pregnant and taking it easy on my back (not holding kid on hip) and I've had no pain from the herniated disk for 6 years now. amen.

  7. So sorry, Linda! That stinks across the board. I know how precious your time is right now, but I'm glad you're finding moments of levity to soothe your fragile self. Deep, close-eyed breathing never hurst either. Start with your toes and focus intensely on each body part as you travel from toes to face... and really concentrate on relaxing each part. When you get to your eyelids/eyebrows/forehead.....then you'll know.... it might take your mind off your back for a bit, too! much love!

  8. @The Aums Mama

    Yes, I forget about that one. There are several sites like that that make me laugh! Thanks!

  9. @Candied Fabrics

    I think Blogger is out to get You! I'm glad to hear about how others have recovered. Gives me hope. I'm trying really hard to do what I'm supposed to do - or not to do. It's hard when you have hypercraftivity.

  10. @Jan | Daisy Janie

    Thank you. You are all so nice. I was hoping the small paragraph would be ignored. I'm doing a lot of deep breathing and relaxing. Thanks for reminding me to relax toes to head. I haven't done that in a while.

  11. Hope you will feel soon better xxx

  12. Funny the things that work as distraction! I'm sorry things aren't improving, but if it's any consolation, I'm sure E has loads of repulsive ideas he could share with you to brighten your day!

    My answers: Insects and bat wings, of course!

  13. Oh Linda! I'm so sorry you're not feeling well! Back issues are no fun at all! I'd be feeling down too that's for sure! I hope it starts to get better for you soon! I'm glad the book gave you some relief even for just a little while!


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