Saturday, September 26, 2009

What's new this week @ à la mode

The first in a series of "good fortune" switchplates, these trompe l'oeil plates appear to be a cork board with a small fortune tacked to it. What a great way to remind yourself to think positively throughout the day. Currently only available on my website. As a fan of roller skating and roller derby in the late '70s, I couldn't resist making this switchplate. I spent hours at USA Roller Rink, grooving to disco music. My skates had pom poms on them and I thought I was the coolest skater ever...fond, albeit embarrassing, memories. You can also buy this in my Etsy shop (first class shipping).

I'm so excited about my new wallets. I carry one myself and love it. I've incorporated the seatbelts into the card holders and zippered coin pocket - which I love because it's long and shallow making it easy to grab my change. These wallets hold a lot but aren't bulky!

This particular wallet is made from manufacturer remnant neoprene. The red "bitch" fabric makes it a bit sassy. I like to interpret the meaning as "excessive complaining" which I hate (I didn't say I don't do it, I just hate it).

I always consider it a good work week when I'm able to create something (anything) new.

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  1. Love them...particularly the Roller Girl plate (as a former roller skating queen myself), and the wallets are awesome!
    You are so productive...I'm jealous, not Bitchy, just jealous! ;)


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