Friday, March 19, 2010

Old mill photos - #3

I've saved some of my favorite photos, from the old mill/warehouse/factory, for last (you can see additional mill photo posts here). Several of these have such vibrant color that I can't help but love staring at them.

It must be the colors and the arrow [or perhaps my twisted mind],
but I can't help thinking this exit is pointing to hell.

I love the contrast of the chain against the background of this photo.

As we left the buildling, it was drizzling outside and the red of this hydrant caught my eye. I hesitated to stop to take the photo, however I'm so glad I did. This may be one of my favorite shots ever. I did not tweak it at all and love how it turned out: the color, the background bokeh, the composition.

I love chairs and I love this blue. Enough said.

I was messing around with layers and textures. I liked how this photo turned out.

So, I need your advice. For the past several years, I've considered (and have had requests) making some of my photos available for purchase. I don't consider myself anything but an amateur photographer - always learning and experimenting with no mastery of my camera. I do love to take photographs, particularly of urban and everyday life subjects with vibrant colors. I consider myself lucky to get good shots.

What do you think? Photography friends, I'm asking you as well.

Should I offer some as prints and cards?

To see more of my photography, you can visit my flickr here. To see all of these mill photos visit my empty factory set here. I will be adding more photos to this set but will not be posting them on my blog.


  1. I really think you should! How did you not come home with that chain. Its so lovely. I probably would have broken my neck trying to take it down. I'm not much of a photographer but I've amassed a decent collection over the years as gifts for my kids and yours just speak out. Even if its crazy talk, sometimes those are the best ones!

  2. Yes. Yes. Yes. I would love to see several of these prints as note cards or prints. Yes.

  3. Linda, I totally love some of these and would absolutely use them as cards. Also going to try to connect you with a photog friend of mine.

  4. Thanks, all!

    @kimberj, I hadn't thought of grabbing the chain. It was attached to something large and heavy as well as the very tall ceiling. I did,however, score a great metal cabinet on wheels. I'm looking into having it painted with auto paint. I'll post that if it ever happens.

  5. So, yes, your photos are lovely! I know that a lot of artists use card sales to get them through slow art fairs...I've toyed with the idea of turning some of the photos of my work into cards and what have you, but I get bogged down by the thought of researching all the options of how to get a good print of them, where's the best deal on the cards, all that sourcing stuff.

    SO, what I'm saying is: do you want to add another set of skills to your toolbox, which involves investing in the necessary time to learn how? Will it be worth it in the end?

  6. I'd say with you eye...definitely, yes! I've been amazed at the photos you take...and that old mill, I love those shots! Whatever you did to that chair photo is awesome!!! Very cool as cards! You've already got the camera, skill...why not! :) Enjoy this great weather!

  7. @candiedfabrics, I hear you. I've already done the footwork. BTW,, is the best source I know of and used by other photo friends.

    I'm already buying the cards for myself so I'm thinking why not offer them.

    @ruby, I didn't do much to the blue photo. The natural light pouring through the windows at the old mill, made the colors pop.

  8. SELL SELL SELL!! I'll be your first customer!!! Love your photography!!

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  10. Yes. I love your photos and I'm sure many other would as well. Love that chair with the added layers.


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