Monday, June 7, 2010

Audio Cassette Tape Ties by Sonic Fabrics

I love innovative use of materials and you can't get much more innovative than this:  recycled audio cassette tape ties.  Sonic Fabrics has found a way to reuse the audio tape from old cassettes.  You know, those little things we use to insert into a Walkman to listen to music.  Woven together, the tape produces a durable fabric that is audible when a tape head is drawn over it's surface.  That's pretty cool!


  1. oooh, audible how?

    like, just a sort of pleasant ahhhhm sounds?

    or like, if you had the old mixtapes from your boyfriend done up this way, and you gave it to your husband as a gift, would you then be able to listen to the songs the b.f. said were just for you while passing a tape head over your husband's tie?


  2. Lisa, LOL! I wish the later! Here's the link to how to make a sonic fabric reader and the sound (which creeps me out a bit).


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