Thursday, March 18, 2010

Boys and bedding...what gives?!

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Today, as I'm pulling sheets off of beds for laundry, I am reminded how my boys just don't seem to care much about bedding. They can sleep anywhere and in anything. In their minds, the easier the better. They'd sleep in sleeping bags on top of their beds if I let them (just like their dad did when he was small).

Years ago, I gave up on flat sheets. C is 6'3" and hates them. He doesn't like sheets or his feet tucked in. So, I opted for inexpensive duvets from Ikea. I bought several so that I could change and launder them as I would sheets. It doesn't make for luxurious looking beds, but it works.

M, my 13 yo, is currently using one of C's childhood comforters. It is so old and flat that it's basically just a sheet. This is not for lack of comforters in our house. I've purchased several along with matching duvets and pillows. He just can't be bothered. Since he doesn't seem to care, I've lost a bit of interest as well....except for days, like today, when I'm focusing on his bed.

E, my 8yo, is loving his bed right now. We bought him a pseudo bunk bed (one not quite as tall as normal bunk beds). On top, he has a tent like structure that encloses the bed. On the bottom, I added a wall of fabric and blue rope lighting to make it a cozy reading nook for him. He can tie the fabric up or leave it down. He's made it into his "fort."My biggest issue with him is getting him to wear pajamas. He'd prefer wearing his day clothes every night (and into the next day, if possible). I encourage him to wear big old t-shirts but even that is a struggle. I give up. There are bigger wars to be waged.

Even Sophie, our new 6 mos old Weimaraner, has thrown her paw into the bedding chaos. She insists on being with us at night and would prefer to be in our bed. Since she's a big dog, that is out of the question. So, she is sleeping in a large bed on the floor next to my side of the bed. She's not happy. As a matter of fact, the first night we insisted she sleep on the floor, she turned her back and refused to look at us. Her beds are big and require routine laundering as well.

Please tell me that I'm not alone. Do you have issues with your beds, linens, boys?!


  1. My son has been fighting the top (flat) sheet battle with me for years. The problem is that he sweats profusely at night but always sleeps with a comforter. I tried duvet covers and switching them but he just takes them off and then the duvet/comforter gets stinky. He only sleeps at home now rarely so his room is also our guest bedroom when needed. I bought a gorgeous Ralph Lauren quilted comforter so I pull that off when he's home and throw a big old wool blanket overtop. He's 21 now and I really don't care what he does in his apartment at school. The one thing I can say is DON'T spend a lot of money on kids bedding. Good Luck!

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  3. haha...that's so funny! I wonder what the years will bring for us as the boy grows up. I will admit that I hate flat sheets. We only use fitted ones and Ikea duvets like you. My mom thinks we're weird but I think it's glorious! : )

  4. Haha, I'm so lucky that I have no such problems with my bed, because I always keep my bed clean and tidy.

  5. LOL! I've got very similar problems - no flat sheets for my boys - just quilts that I wash every week or so. My 8 YO gets very hot and usually ends up ditching most of the pj's! ;-)

  6. I've heard that the duvet option is very European.

    Glad to know I'm not alone. My boys are always much warmer than I am. They also have an aversion to jackets (a whole different post).

    Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone!

  7. Yes, my husband in his sleep pulls the flat sheet off the bed, and sometimes starts to pull up the fitted sheet. Before we were married he slept on a bare mattress with a comforter, I thought it was gross. He can aford sheets, he has sheets. The worst one was that the bed fell sideways (the boards underneath fell out on one side)and he slept on it on a 45 degree angle against a wall. I couldn't believe it!


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