Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rasterbating in the game room

Now that got your attention, didn't it?!

Sorry, it isn't as lurid as it sounds. It's actually a computer program that enables the user to print larger tiled versions of a photo or image. It's been around for a while and I've always loved the look. I finally have a wall and space big enough for a multi frame display. Here's what I did:

First, I chose a photo that was meaningful for us.  I thought it best to use one with lines and an interesting perspective. This photo was taken from the MOMA a few years ago on our family visit to NYC.

I downloaded The Rasterbator (it's free but be forewarned, it adds Bing to your tool bar which pissed me off). I chose the sizes I wanted: paper and pixel size and overall rows; downloaded the photo and it created a pdf of the photo in 12 sheets of paper.  I would have gone larger but 1) I'm cheap and didn't want to purchase more frames, 2) didn't want to use more ink and paper, and 3) wasn't sure I'd be happy with the end product.  I like the way it turned out so I'd definitely go bigger next time.

I bought 12 inexpensive 8x10 black picture frame (similar to these) from my local superstore. Laying out my images first, I cut them to size and inserted them into the frames.

I eyeballed the placement of the frames as I hung them on the wall. That was mistake #1 but I'm too lazy to actually measure and install.  So, although 12 hanging frames are up, there are about 27 holes behind them.  AND they were still hung at a slant.  C spent an hour fixing them, while cursing under his breath, on Sunday. Anyway, I love how they turned out.  When you walk into our game room, you see the overall layout from afar. What you can't see is that the images are dots, that's why it looks less vibrant than the photo. It has a much more graphic impact in person.
The fun thing is that we can change the image(s) anytime we want.  There are so many ways to make this look your own.  You could use thicker frames, white frames, hang the images closer together or farther apart.  I'd love to see what you do with this.

The game room is still a work in progress and on our list of renovation projects. There are skylights and windows throughout but very little ventilation.  This spring, we are going to replace the single paned windows with double panes that open.

We added a newly purchased military red cross flag next to the images. You can see it in yesterday's post.
Sophie had a fun interaction with the cow poster. Somehow she noticed it for the first time yesterday. You can see her funny interaction here:

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