Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Picked and purhcased - a foray into surplus store shopping

I hope you had a nice long weekend. I'm hanging out with E today as he's "not feeling well." Frankly, he just needs to eat more veggies. He and I just dropped Lola off at the vet to be fixed. Poor thing will be out of it today, not knowing what happened. Surprisingly, Sophie is a little beside herself with Lola being gone. We just assumed that since Lola mostly annoyed Sophie, that she'd appreciate the alone time.

Our weekend was fairly low key. Yesterday, C and I happened upon an army surplus store while we were out running errands. As he is not a big shopper (unless it's shopping for something specific and electronic that he wants), he reluctantly followed me in the store. I love going through places like this because you never know what you might find. 

We wandered through the building and a large yard of all kinds of random stuff.  I felt like we were on American Pickers. It took a few minutes, but I could tell that C was warming up to the eclectic mix of items I'd picked up:  an old exit sign and incense storage display.  He comfortably negotiated the prices down (something he is good at and I hate to do).

Back inside, C saw this old red cross medical unit flag hanging as a display along the wall. Since he had asked about several other display pieces (none of which were for sale), I figured it wasn't up for grabs. I also thought he was purposefully going for items that were clearly unavailable to us just for sport.

"I'll give you X for it," he blurted to the sales person.

Wait a minute. That came out of his mouth a little too comfortably. Maybe American Pickers has seeped into his subconscious.

The guy called the owner who accepted his offer and we now have this flag hanging in our boy's game room.

I think it looks great next to the rasterbated photo I hung last week (details of which will follow in another post). C loves that it's medical related. I love that he got into the spirit of the experience.

What did you do this weekend?

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