Friday, January 6, 2012

Kitchen time with the boys :: OM [one moment] meet up

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My boys are still on vacation. Two weeks is a long time. It has been very dry here in Reno and the mountains are still without snow so we haven't been skiing as planned.

Max is now 15 and Ethan 10. It's strange to see those numbers written. I have found it difficult to find common activities any more.  I'm not much of a gamer, my bad back has limited my physical activities with them (although I still play some basketball and ping pong). I've put my foot down on watching anymore Bourne Identity movies.  Really, how many times can they watch those things?!

As vacation dragged on my patience began to wane particularly when it came to feeding them.

"Mom, what's for lunch?"
"There's nothing to eat."
"What's for dinner?"
"Can we go out to eat?"
"When are you going to make us food?"
"Pizza, pizza, ice cream, pizza!"

I've always wanted the boys to learn their way around the kitchen and enjoy cooking. I've always felt guilty about not teaching them to fend for themselves more than boiling water for mac & cheese.  Chris, after all, is a fabulous cook. He can whip things up w/out recipes and with few ingredients. He cooks more than I do in the house. And he enjoys it. Me...not so much.  I'm an non-experimental 'follow the recipe' kind of gal. I decided to put them to work. I began to tell them that I wouldn't make them meals without their help. "You wanna eat? Get in the kitchen."

Surprisingly, my 15 yo was eager and willing to go through cookbooks.  He chose several meals and made them with me from start to finish. We had a blast. The meals were great. I can tell he is feeling more comfortable in the kitchen. And the quality time we spent together is priceless.

One night when I was particularly exhausted, I told them they had to make dinner by themselves. I sat in the family room area to answer questions, but they did everything from setting the table to cleaning the dishes. They made a small ham, scalloped potatoes, and green beans. Not one complaint was uttered from their mouths.  As a matter of fact, they insisted that I not do one thing to help. I could tell they were proud of their accomplishment.

It's sometimes hard for me to let go of daily tasks but there is no better way to teach the boys than to let them do things on their own.  I will be doing this more often!

Have you been surprised at what your kids are willing and eager to learn?

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