Friday, June 17, 2011

What word would your friends use to describe you? OM [one moment] meet up #56

A friend recently told me a story about a guy she dated, many years ago, who asked her a thought provoking question.

"If you asked a friend to describe you with only one word, what would that word be?"

The guy asking her this question, in her words, was an "egotistical, money hungry person" who said his friends would use the word "humble" to describe him.

Isn't it interesting what people think about themselves or think others think about them.

My friend said that at that time in her life, she thought her friends would have called her "interesting."  After all, she was traveling the world with wanderlust coursing through her veins.

This really got me thinking about what word would most describe me.  I'm sure for different people it would vary.  I also think that it may have changed over the years.  Words I'd love to have describe me would be sincere, honest, genuine, true.  The words I'd choose for myself right now would be sad, overwhelmed, anxious, pained, numb.

I'm finding it helpful to toss some of these words around in my noggin.  I know we are not just a word, but a series of complex emotions and experiences.  We also have the ability to change perceptions - our own or others.  Simply acknowledging this was a comforting moment for me this week.

What word would YOUR FRIENDS use to describe you?
What word would YOU use to describe yourself?

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  1. Not so sure what my word would be but the first word that comes to my mind when I think of you is: LOVELY! :) Beth

  2. I love this idea. When I think what others would say "frazzled" and "cluttered" immediately come to mind. For me, I feel "happy", "creative", "productive" and "blessed". I don't feel that way everyday and that's OK.

    When I think of you, I think "kind", "innovative" and "engaging".

  3. One word? SO HARD! I agree with both beth and angie: you are a lovely, kind, innovative and engaging woman! This month is tough...but you'll get through it, and with all the technology we have today, how easy it will be to stay in touch with the people you leave behind!

  4. Yours: rockin'
    Mine: hella



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