Wednesday, December 14, 2011

DIY pine cone deer trophy head

This project has been on my work table for months.  The holidays made me eager to finish it because it's perfect for the decor of the season.  I've been collecting giant pine cones since before we moved to Reno.  I discovered them on our first visit out here.  I'm happy to report that I even have some in my yard (which made my wreath decorating a cinch).  If you don't have them readily available, you can purchase them from your local craft store.

List of supplies:

giant pine cone
twigs that look like antlers
unfinished wood plaque (available in various sizes for a few dollars at the craft store)
white paint (or any color you choose)
picture hanger
wood screw
glue gun (not shown)

1.  The first thing I did was paint the base, twigs, and pine cone.

 A dusting of white paint makes it look like it's covered with fresh fallen snow.

 2.  Hot glue the twig antlers onto the pine cone.

 3.  Place a picture hanger on the back.
3.  Add a screw through the center for something to attach the pine cone to on the front.
  Note:  you can see the screw through the front.

4.  Hollow out a small amount of the pine cone back.  Hot glue and insert foam, crinkled paper, or anything the screw and hot glue can grab onto.  I tried screwing directly into the cone but it was too brittle.  Thus several pieces fell off leaving me the hollow area.

5.  Lastly, hot glue the pine cone onto the plaque (and screw) and hold it in place for a minute or so just until it seems stable.  Let dry.
6.  Hang on the wall and decorate.  I made a bow out of wire ribbon and hung jingle bells on to the antlers.  You could string some garland on it, add a red dot nose (Rudolph), ornaments, etc.

I was originally going to paint him bright teal but I thought white would look great for the holidays.  He'll live in my studio and likely change decor with the seasons.  You'll notice in the supply picture that I have several smaller plaques.  I am going to make some with smaller pine cones as well.  I was thinking one with 3 blind mice (is that too un-pc?).

Please, please, send me pictures (or a link) if you make one.  I'll share your work so we can all enjoy our individual interpretations.

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