Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween in our new home || OM [one moment] meetup

DIY - Mason Jar, ping pong eyeballs, moss

If you know me or have read this blog for a while, you know I love Halloween.  This year, in our new house, I was faced with a big decorating dilemma (insert sad trombone here).  Our decor worked for our Rhode Island colonial and smaller yard.  We had windows that could feature Mortimer or my lady in waiting, Madge. Our new home has walls of windows and sits pretty far from the road.  We live on a dead end street and really don't get much traffic.  For the most part, I'm decorating for the few kids on our street and for myself.

I began pulling the decorations from boxes.  As I set up our gravestones (most of which we had made several years ago) in the front yard, I realized how minuscule it looked compared to our graveyards from years past. The witch and cauldron were unrecognizable from the street.  Maybe it was time for me to throw in my witch hat.  I don't feel like starting over.  Anyway, it took me years to build up my Halloween collection for our old house.

In my sad Charlie Brown shuffle, I put up some things near our front door for the few trick or treaters I expect from the neighborhood.

 DIY ghost milk jug lanterns  - I want to collect enough to make a very long row of ghosts
When I set up the spotlight on the cemetery, serendipitously, it created huge shadows of the gravestones on the wall of the front of the house.  The silhouettes are so creepy and eerie.  They can be easily be seen from the street.  From now on this is the only decor I need each year!  AND, I can create different vignettes by cutting out spiders/webs, zombies, witches, ghosts, anything each year and hanging them in front of the spot light. I don't have to buy more decor and I can still be creative each year.  And think of the money I'll save! Now that's a moment!

What was your moment this week?


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