Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

We had a busy weekend preparing for today's festivities. There was pumpkin carvings, costume final touches, and treat making. Yesterday we were up to our elbows in eyeballs for E's class.

I used Bakerella's recipe for red velvet cake balls.  Her eyeball cake pop instructions are here.  They turned out gorier than I had expected because our edible markers wouldn't work on the candy coating.  I ended up using gel coloring which gave the eyeballs a more grotesque appearance.  Of course, the boys thought this was terrific.

This is E and his friend before heading to school this morning.  E was an Angry Bird Pig and his friend borrowed his M & M costume. They looked great.


I decided, last minute, that I'd dress up as one of the Time Warp dancers from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Perhaps I'll post a photo on Instagram (you can see my latest pictures on the sidebar of this blog ----->  or Flickr (also on sidebar) later this evening.

I hope you have fun Halloween!  I'd love to hear about your hauntings!


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