Monday, October 17, 2011

BFF visits over the weekend and other FYIs

Unsure about the car

I'm sorry to not have posted my OM this week.  My BFF came in from Seattle.  It's been an extremely busy week/weekend: Max's homecoming weekend (football, dance, sleepovers), showing my friend around Tahoe/Reno, dad in hospital...and it only seems to be getting crazier.  Suffice it to say, if my blog isn't updated regularly in the coming weeks know it's because things have gotten hectic personally.  I may even go back home for some time.

Anyway, here are some fun links I came across recently.

Reno Zombie Crawl - E and I may be doing the Thriller dance to help break the world record.

Easy bat decor for Halloween - I wanted to do this but decided I didn't have the time/energy (see above).
Bat template here.

Pink lemonade fondant - I love the look of fondant but not the taste. I'd love to try this recipe.

30 alter egos of Amy Poehler - I have a girl crush. See slide show here.


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