Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Refashioned doll skirts from dress sleeves || DIY

I have a hard time throwing away pieces of scrap fabric. I can't count how many times I've saved the cut off legs from an old pair of jeans. The only time I've ever made anything from them was making this draft draft guard.

I bought the dress below because it was on sale and was comfortable.  I'm not a fan of this type of sleeve and found that I never wore it because of that.  Since it's made from a t-shirt cotton knit, I cut the sleeves off at the elastic gather so I wouldn't have to hem or finish the sleeve.   

When I saw the cut sleeves on my work table, I immediately saw two little doll skirts.

I grabbed my stash of ribbons and with just a few quick stitches...

...Voila...cute skirts were born.  I was even able to make a decorative organza flower with the extra gathered ruffle I made.

About the model:   When Cabbage Patch Kids first came out, I wanted one that looked like me. They were all pretty much blond hair/blue eyes.  So my friend's mom made me this one with "Linda" details right down to the gold ring and bracelet I always wore. I've kept it all these years.

 The skirts have found a home with two of Miss Kate's beloved friends [Angie's daughter]. 


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