Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Juggling several projects between daily tasks


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Hi there!  I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend.  Mine was uneventful as I had some kind of bug and spent the better part of Sunday reclining.  It still counts as R &  R, so I'm not complaining.

Today, I'm juggling several projects at once:   painting the frame of a glider, starting to piece together an ottoman, and trimming some tree branches for a wacky project I can't seem to shake.  I'll share these completed projects with you in a later post.   Between these tasks I'll be chauffeuring, cleaning, and cooking.  All in a days work, right?

East Coast friends, I'm glad the kids are finally off to school. Phew! Cheers to you when you finally enjoy your evening cocktail.

What's on your To Do list today?


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