Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hanging artwork on rock wall :: This (our) old modern house

I love a good challenge, and this old house long hallway fit the bill. On one side, there are floor to ceiling windows and closets. On the other side is a long expanse of rocks: large, uneven, solid to the core rocks.

The hallway calls for art, particularly at the window area. Photos or artwork can be seen from the street and draw your eye into this space (you can see in what I mean in the first photo in this post). I had framed photos precariously leaning on the wooden ledge that runs the length of the hall, just waiting for one to slide off and break.

My original idea was to hang the photos from a wooden edging near the ceiling (similar to using a traditional Victorian picture rail). But the moulding didn't have a lip for a hook to grab onto. I also didn't want the wire or string to show. After spending more time than any normal person should in the big brand hardware store picture hanging/hook section, I decided I'd use nails and very thin (yet durable) jewelry wire.

click photos to enlarge

View from courtyard (you can see more courtyard photos here and here).

At least an hour later, lots of measuring, leveling, sweating, and maybe some cursing under my breath, below is the result. I love that you don't notice the wire. It looks like the frames are just floating.

This funky photo is of each end of the hallway, taken from one spot as I turned 180 degrees.  The hallway actually only has 6 framed photos.

Ahhhhhhh. Scratch one project off my 8,753  8,752 item to do list.

What's on your To Do list?


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