Thursday, July 21, 2011

Modern doll house not just for kids

Fisher Price Play Family House, frontWhen you were little and played with doll houses, did you ever peer its window and pretend you lived inside? I loved the small furniture and details.

My first dollhouse was, of course, the classic Fisher-Price Play Family House. My second dollhouse was made for me. It was a large colonial with several wooden staircases, foiled wallpaper and shag carpet. It was the '70's after all. I've always thought collecting miniature furniture would be a fun hobby, but I never favored the standard gingerbread Victorians or classic colonials that seem prevalent.

My friend Kristyn (you need a blog, girlfriend), sent me a link to the dollhouse of my dreams. brinca dada, is a New York based company that designs "toys parents love to look at and children love to play with." They've introduced three modern dollhouses, the Emerson, Bennett, and Dylan all of which can be decorated with modern furniture.

The Emerson

The Bennett

Modern furniture
My children are older and no longer play with toys however, I want to buy one of these houses for me. It would make a lovely accessory in my studio/office. I'm certain I'd find myself daydreaming about living in them while rearranging furniture just as I did when I was a child. I hope brinca dada continues to add collectible accessories and new toys to their line. They are on to something big.

I'll be adding this to my Christmas list this year!  Today only you can receive $50.00 off and free shipping if you buy the Emerson house and classic contemporary furniture set.  Hurry!


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