Tuesday, March 8, 2011

5 easy rethink/reuse ideas for your home

I get a great deal of satisfaction when I see an object and come up with a new way to use (reuse) it. I've shared various rethink/reuse ideas in the past like my slinky business card holder or my credit cad spatulas.  Here are some great ideas I've recently come across.

Great rethink/reuse idea.  Wouldn't it be cute to hold rings and things, or tacks and paper clips? [source]

Take old frames and hang them as art work. Paint them all one color, use the same size or mix them up for an eclectic display.

Save your wine corks and make a bulletin board.  This one is made with an old door.

Attache some door knobs and locks to a board to make a unique coat hook.  I love that your keys can be stored in the locks or knobs.

Collect salvaged drawers (or even crates), paint them one color, add decorative paper and make yourself a great shelf display.


  1. Great ideas!!! Love the empty frames so very much!

  2. Genius! I especially love th door knobs to coat rack trick. I'm keeping that one in my back pocket to try :)

  3. love these ideas! the spoons are so darling :)


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