Friday, February 11, 2011

White Stripes, funny things kids say, and beautiful interiors

The White Stripes officially announces the end of  the band and will no longer make new recordings or perform live.  We'll no doubt see Jack White in various other bands, so while I'm sad to see the band end, I look forward to seeing what comes of JW.

Funny things kids say (unknown source):

1.  No matter how hard you try, you can't baptize cats.
2. When your Mom is mad at your Dad, don't let her brush your hair.
3. If your sister hits you, don't hit her back. They always catch the second person.
4. Never ask your 3-year old brother to hold a tomato.
5. You can't trust dogs to watch your food.
6. Reading what people write on desks can teach you a lot.
7. Don't sneeze when someone is cutting your hair.
8. Puppies still have bad breath, even after eating a tic-tac.
9. Never hold a Dust-Buster and a cat at the same time.
10. School lunches stick to the wall.
11. You can't hide a piece of broccoli in a glass of milk.
12. Don't wear polka-dot underwear under white shorts.
13. The best place to be when you're sad is Grandpa's lap.

seamless coffee table by Asher Israelow

 interior desinger Estrella Salietti's home in Barcelona
I love the mix of modern and vintage, the punch of color and the huge windows.

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