Friday, February 4, 2011

What do tools, melting hang tags, and unhappy hipsters have in common?

They are all subjects in my new blog feature, Collective Sound Bites. 

Have you ever thought about how much information we take in on a weekly basis?  We listen to the radio, watch TV, surf the internet, read books/magazines/papers, talk to friends, etc.   I often want to share what I find, but in a flash, I've moved on or forgotten about it.  So, I'm starting a new post featuring random stuff (also a Tumblr blog of mine) that jumps out at me during my week. My goal is to post it by the end of Friday, so you'll have something to look at over the weekend (C, I'm doing this with you in mind and hope to save you and the boys some grief at my saying "ooo, look at his" all the time).

Tools never die - NPR -  Kevin Kelly (founder of Wired Magazine and blog Cool Tools) said that "there is no species of technology that have ever gone globally extinct on this planet. I can't find any [invention, tool, technology] that has disappeared completely from Earth."  NPR sets out to prove him wrong.  Very interesting...

A refreshing home in Washington - just looking at the pictures of this home gave me a springtime escape!

Laughed at this post by Unhappy Hipsters this week!
“The slow release sofa drugs were having the desired effect; no one had noticed the spiky move indoors.” - Tim S.

Awesome eco friendly idea - Melt tags Winner of the 2010 Red Dot Concept Design by Sangbyum Kim

Have a great weekend!
Go Packers!


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