Wednesday, October 27, 2010

This is me - Design Refuge October Challenge

I came across this challenge on Design Refuge just as I returned from recent my trip to San Francisco.  The objective is to post pictures (of self, decor, home, favorite magazine spread, etc.) that represent "you" and "your" design style.

While in SF, I had thought a lot about how much of my style has stayed consistent over the years. What I like hasn't changed much since high school when I had posters of city skylines lining my pink bedroom walls.  I still love my big cities:  Chicago, San Francisco, NYC, London.  While shopping, I bought a pair of boots that I've had in numerous iterations over the years.  I even forgot that I currently own a similar pair in a different color.  I have definitely learned to stick with what I like and who I am regarding style.  When I try to branch out, it just doesn't feel like me.

I stopped to take a picture through the window at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.  The yellow wall of the interior staircase along with the various lines (of the railings and windows) caught my eye.  Much to my surprise, this one photo reflects a great deal of information about my design style.  I was wearing a simple standard go-to outfit (boots, long sweater, leggings all in dark gray and black) while visiting modern art museums and gardens (the SFMoMA, the Academy of Art University, and Yerba Buena Gardens and Center for the Arts) taking photos of everyday things in one of my favorite cities. 

These elements are all the things I love in design (in both fashion and decor):  clean lines, repetitive geometric shapes, neutral colors, innovative ideas,  a pinch of bold color, and a dash of humor.

How would you summarize your design style?


  1. I am sadly lacking personal style in my current work-at-home environment. But my style of dress (when it actually could be called stylish) is just like how I design. Colorful, whimsical and always a good bargain.

  2. Yes, a good bargain is important!!

  3. Nearly my entire wardrobe is thrift store finds. I stick with labels I trust (J.Crew, Banana Republic, Gap, Ann Taylor, etc) and buy mostly neutrals adding pops of colors in purses, jewelry, and scarves. For the add ons I try to find or make things that are very bohemian or handcrafted. I try to look polished and effortless with a twist :) Another big part of my "wardrobe" is a good haircut and color. Its probably my biggest splurge, after all... its the one thing I "wear" every single day!

  4. These photos are amazing!

    My husband always jokes about my "style"...he takes note that no matter what the occasion or how dressed up I am, I always seem to be wearing at least one item that is performance/wickaway/athletic in nature. ex: fancy dress matched with clunky ironman if I'm always prepared to break into a run if the situation arises.

    No surprise, I seem to gravitate towards brands like Athleta and Title 9.

  5. Great photo of your shadow/reflection in the glass window - refreshing to see some 'real' photography on the DS challenge!


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