Friday, September 10, 2010

A promise of time to myself - OM [one moment] meet up #21

Hello, my name is Linda and I'm a workaholic.  Seriously.

However, this week, I took one day and spent it with a friend on her sailboat.  We packed a lunch, grabbed some wine and music, and headed to the harbor.  Her boat, on its mooring, was a wonderful place to just relax and chat.  We laughed.  We shared family stories.  We had a lovely time.  It was a mini vacation.

The nice thing about running my business from my home is that I can control my schedule.  If the kids are sick, I can take the day off (although I still pop in and out of my office).  If I have a school meeting or volunteer commitment, I can do that.  However, what I've found in the past 5 years is that I tend to work a lot...almost all the time.  When the kids are in bed, between cooking dinner and football practice, on the weekends, etc.  That is the hard part of running a business from my home...closing the door to my office and walking away.  My kids think I work more than my husband does.  He works 90+ hours a week as a resident (and is always on call).  That's a shame and not something I want my kids to believe.

With that said, I want to be sure that when an opportunity arises, such as a friend asking me to do something, I allow myself that time.  It is necessary to my happiness and well being.  It is crucial to my relationships. Did you know that planning fun activities for ones self is a treatment for depression?  I've always considered it a luxury, but we all need something to look forward to each week. 

om [one moment] meet upWhat was your 'one moment' this week? What took you out of your present moment and made you see things a little differently or made you laugh, cry, be thankful, etc.?

Share in the blog comments here, on your own blog (and link back below) or on my Facebook fan page. If you are on Twitter, I've started a hash tag - #omMeetup so that we can converse if we'd like. We'd love to hear your moment this week!

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  1. It's hard not to be a workaholic when there is always another thing to do or send or tweak. I find myself asking for 5 more minutes and it turns into 20. Not fair for anyone in my house, including myself.

    Your afternoon on the boat sounded lovely. I believe we can balance the time with ourselves, our families and our work. We're all clever women. That does remind me of a line from the movie This IS Spinal Tap...

    "There's a fine line between stupid and clever."

  2. I love this post. It hits home with me especially during these first weeks of school and the start of the pre holiday season. Someone wise told me all a person needs for a fulfilling life is someone to love and something to look forward to. You are a smart woman to recognize the value of your own happiness.

  3. Wow, your one day vacation sounds so wonderful; it's making me feel rested as I sit here and type :). I bet it was wonderful! And thanks for the reminder about resting. I too am a workaholic :( It's refreshing to be encouraged to rest, instead of reading another post on what I should be doing to be more successful. Just what I needed after this really hard week. Your energy is so refreshing.

  4. I'm so happy that you enjoyed the day as much as I did Linda. Like I said, we'll make this a weekly "vacation day" until the weather turns ugly and the boat is hauled out for the winter. Sadly, my kids tell me that I work too much, too. Still, I wouldn't change a thing. It's great to set my own hours, be home when the kids get home and of course, have mini vacations with friends. :)


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