Thursday, November 5, 2009

Be a socially conscious consumer and support independent designers @Moxsie .com

Shopping online has become easier over the years. Now we can buy anything from anywhere at anytime. We can also make socially conscious decisions about what we buy and from whom. But beware of savvy marketing. Being "green" is the thing these days and many companies put more effort into clever marketing than true sustainability.

[As a socially conscious independent designer and business owner, being truly "green" is on the forefront of all my decisions. I work hard to find materials that would otherwise be discarded. My seat belts and upholstery are all overruns or remnants. My seat belts come directly from a local manufacturer, not a third party buyer. I even save my own remnants and find new ways to use them. My new wallets, checkbook covers, and business card holders are a prime example. They utilize all my smaller scraps. From there, anything left over is donated to a child who is learning to sew or an artist who uses tiny scraps in his work.]

Having so many choices means that we need to be vigilant in our efforts to buy responsibly. Recently, I came across a San Francisco company called Moxsie which not only promotes independent designers, but also "donates a portion of all sales to the charity of each shopper's choice."

Moxsie was created by Catalina Girald when she realized there was a need to not only support talented, independent designers but bring them to the attention of socially conscious consumers. "These brands do not exist for volume, they exist for passion and causes."

"Moxsie's mission is twofold: to provide world class service to our consumers and to find and support talented designers from around the globe. We look for artists with a purpose and sustainable or cause driven designers. We guarantee quality of construction and originality of design and we don't sell fur or products made from endangered or threatened animals."

Moxsie has launched a new Eco Shop focusing on organic, socially conscious and reclaimed material clothing, shoes, and accessories. So now, I can buy an Eco-friendly outfit, support an independent designer, AND give to a great cause...all in one push of the "buy now" button. Now that is what I call a fantastic circle of socially conscious consumer life...and, well, great karma.

Here are some of my favorites from their site (click photo for more info):

And here's more...Moxsie offers free shipping and returns within the US, Alaska, and Hawaii. They've also offered my readers a discount of 15% off any purchase through the end of the year. Simply use this code, Eco15, upon check out! They are planning some fun giveaways around the holiday, so check their site and blog often.


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