Sunday, October 11, 2009

Photo of the week - Itsy bitsy spider...NOT!

This spider is the biggest I've ever seen in nature. Its body is at least 1" long and stretched out it is probably close to 3". And it's thick. When we found it last week, I had to call my photographer neighbor, Mary Ann. She took this great shot with E in the background. It still lives comfortably in our hydrangea bush and doesn't appear to be leaving anytime soon.
Visit Mary Ann's website, Rosenlof Photograyp, and blog here. Local friends, if you need candid shots for the holidays, school or special events, you should give her a call. She is great.


  1. Great spider! We had a giant one on our front porch. The kids kept it in a jar for a while once the weather got down to freezing. It gave me the CREEPS!

  2. So glad you stopped by! You've been missed!

  3. Wow. Cool spider. Handsome kid. Awesome photo! Nice shot, Mary Ann.


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