Thursday, October 22, 2009

Living Handmade - Art found across the pond

Today in Living Handmade, I'm peering across the pond into Jennifer Sneddon's home to catch a glimpse of how she's incorporated her handmade purchases into her life. She lives in the UK and has two Etsy shops Sneddoniart and Sneddonia.

Jennifer recently posted these pictures the the Living Handmade Flickr group. Thank for sharing, Jennifer!

Bookshelves don't have to be just for books. I really like how she added a few small items mixed in with her books collection. It adds an interesting depth to her display. The ACEO (art cards, editions and originals usually 2.5") is by Black Lily Pie's Tara Forin in Canada. Framed ACEOs are wonderfully affordable and can give little nooks and crannies a big boost of style.

She found different pieces of art from 3 separate artists and made them one cohesive focal point for her wall. Lovely! The art is by Quite Contrary, Champignons, and Linda Boucher all artists in the UK. This is a great way to make a big statement with multiple pieces of art. Simply find that one common theme or element whether it be color, style, subject matter, or even using the same frames.

If you have handmade purchases artfully displayed or used in your home please share them with us. If you are on Flickr, join or add them to the Living Handmade group. If you are not on Flickr, email them to me directly at I'd love to feature them and give you a little shout-out.


  1. OH! Lovely!

    Sneddonia has such a lovely home... it's an honor to be up there on her wall- especially with Champignons. Her photos are beautiful.

  2. I agree, its a lovely home. All the little bits and pieces really make you feel like an interesting person lives there.

  3. Oooooh it looks great. I have some work by Linda Boucher and Champignons too and they are great artists as well and nice friendly women :)

  4. It's great to have my photos featured and for some of my favourite Etsy artists to get some exposure at the same time!

    Thanks you guys for the compliments on my home! To be entirely honest though, I only photograph the pretty bits - the rest is a bit messy ;) An interesting person does live here, and luckily he lets me live here too :D

  5. I, too, only photograph the intereting parts and the clean parts of my home, LOL.

    It is always fun to see how other people display or mix and match things. It gives us all great ideas and inspiration. Thanks for yours.


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