Saturday, May 7, 2011

Drawing Lab Six :: index card multiples

E and I were finally able to spend some time with the Drawing Lab assignment this week. Once we got started, however, it was harder than we thought. We were to draw the same dog over and over (20ish times) on separate index cards.

E lost patience quickly and just started drawing faster with each stroke.  His dogs gave us a chuckle as they reminded us of the dog from the Simpson's.

I found that I wanted to change the dog with each drawing.  I tried my best to stick with the same shape but it was very difficult.  I have a very hard time drawing without a direct point of reference. 

I decided that I would give my three favorites a their own collage background and color to fit their appearance.  I like them much more with these perspectives.

 Alley dog.
 Bistro dog.

 Naughty dog.

Drawing Lab is a weekly assignment link up, inspired by Carla Sonheim’s book Drawing Lab for Mixed Media Artists, and hosted by Angie of Angie Allen Wedding & Event StationaryIf you want to join us, stop by Angie's blog and post a link to your work (blog post, flickr, etc.) where we will share our exercises each week.

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  1. These are fantastic! I can't decide which I like best. I suspect they may vary with my mood. E's dog does look like Santa's Little Helper. Hee hee!


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