Friday, May 6, 2011

Regarding our state of affairs - OM [one moment] meet up #50

It has been an interesting week as details of Bin Laden's death has captivated the world.  Monday morning, I woke up to various tweets that caused me to turn on the TV.  This was the first that I had heard about what had happened.  As M headed out the door for school, I told him the news.  His response was, "Really?  Wow."  Although genuine, it was typically minimal for a 14 year old.  When 9 yo E came downstairs, he overheard the news and said, "That's good, right?"

His response was appropriate in so many ways.  I had also questioned the joyous celebrations that had broken out across our country.  I was thinking that I can't ever be jubilant at the death of anyone.  Not that I'm mourning or have wished the situation turned out any other way, but rather emotionally and intellectually I'm conflicted.  Since I've taught my boys that violence of any kind is unacceptable and that revenge is never the answer, how was I to explain this situation?  I'm sure many parents felt the same.  We muddled through our questions and thoughts together for several days.

By Wednesday, I was thinking about how the same details are repeated over and over again in the media.  Mostly because it's the only information that was out at the time.  I was waiting for the relentless speculation and hyperbole.  While the overall conversation has been tame, I don't want the typical mud slinging to begin.  Bottom line is that there will always be debate and disagreement.  I just wish the debate would stay on topic and not venture into the realm of make believe.  I wish we could simply accept decisions and move on.  I hate seeing our political discourse turn into something typically reserved for the the Jerry Springer Show. 

These are just my thoughts this week.  Thoughts that I'm still processing.  Emotions that are still conflicted.  Overall, I'm proud of the decisions that have been made.  While many may criticize, and always will, I feel like we handled the situation with the kind of respect expected from Americans.  Maybe we earned back a tiny sliver of respect from the world.  That would be a great thing.

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  1. My thoughts are similar. I don't think I would ever celebrate anyone's death. I do think that the people spontaneously celebrating and in particular the kids at Penn State who have spent half their lives with a bogeyman and multiple wars hanging over their heads are entitled to their feelings (and obvious we all realize being in college they take any excuse they can get to party and avoid study) - I thought Obama's wreath (rather than a megaphone) and private words in NY on Thursday (rather than a stump speech) were truly the best of us.

    xo to you

  2. Thank you for sharing these thoughts with the world Linda. It's hard to articulate such a difficult situation. It's funny that the rules we learned in Kindergarten, don't always apply to the real world unfortunately, "violence of any kind is unacceptable and that revenge is never the answer". I guess things just get more complicated as we grow ;) I agree though, that I think the US did a good job of handling the situation with respect. And by talking with your children, you are helping to raise adults who will do the same.

  3. Thank you for doing such a great job at expressing MY feelings as well. I could not have said it better...all of it. I can't even explain how it makes me feel when I see the cheering throughout our country. It makes me very uncomfortable to see such a reaction. World peace anyone?

  4. Well said, Linda! I've struggled all week with my own reaction to the news. I have a sense of relief for those who have lost loved ones and truly sacrificed during the last ten years. I'm also apprehensive about explaining it all to my children. I'm trying to raise compassionate, responsible human beings. I need to explain what (little) they see in black and white terms 5 and 7 year kids understand. If I ever figure it out, I'll let you know...

  5. We are on the same journey to be truthful, yet emphasize compassion, with our children in response to these kind of happenings. I have faith we'll find our way to the answers that feel "right" for us.


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