Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring break and misc. happenings

Happy Monday!  Hope you had a nice weekend!

My kids are on spring break this week.  C has the week off, too.  Looking forward to some much needed family time.  I'll share details next week. 

New bags...

I was finally able to get some sewing in over the weekend.  I made a half dozen new cell phone slings.  I'm so excited about this newest addition to my collection.  Here's the back story:

During my holiday shows this past December, I was looking for a way to carry my iPhone without attaching it to my belt with a clip or wearing a fanny pack (none too fashionable).  I quickly made an across the body zipper pouch.  It was lightweight (made from neoprene) and comfortably sat across my body.  I could carry my phone, lip balm, and i.d.  Turns out, this little bag is perfect for concerts, shopping, hiking, biking etc.  I grab my little bag often and thought others would find it useful, too.

What else?
If you are a fan of my seat belt tote bags, you may want to visit The RikRak Studio blog giveaway.  It's easy to enter and ends on April 24.

What did you do over the weekend?  I'd love to hear.


  1. Very cute, it would keep me from losing things liek my cell phone and iPod! Glad you had a fun spring break...wish the weather today felt more like spring!

  2. Those are cute cell phone bags! where is my cell phone?


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