Friday, February 10, 2012

A sign you need a vacation - OM [one moment] meet up

my snugglebunny, originally uploaded by Brian Rawson.

You know the trend; people who wear slippers in public. We won't even talk about pajama pants. These are things that make me cringe.

Well, I'm no stranger to trends and this morning I almost joined the ranks of those who wear their bed gear out of the house.

Heading to school, I realized I was still wearing my slippers. It wouldn't have mattered much (they look like black ballet flats) except that I was going to the gym after dropping E at school. So, amidst histerical laughter from E, I turned the car around to retrieve my sneakers.

I'm so glad I could make E's morning with this blunder.

Have you ever done something similarly forgetful and embarrasing?


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