Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Replaced interior doors - This old (new) house Project #1 completed

I promised to share completed photos of our interior doors. The original doors were (and many still are) louvered. Love the look. Hate the lack of privacy and dusting. We replaced the bedrooms and 2 bathroom doors. The work in progress shots are in this post.

Above are the pocket doors on the boy's (main) bathroom.  We originally wanted interior barn type doors  but the hardware cost was extreme.  The original doors, albeit louvered and always off their tracks, were pocket.  I love how these turned out.  They allow natural filtered light to enter the hall but still provide ample privacy.

This is the larger part of the hall.  The bedroom door was replaced as well. Directly across from the pocket doors are closet doors (louvered).  Note: carpet will eventually go.

This is our master bathroom door. The bathroom has a skylight so the light filters into the bedroom entry nicely.  We chose very nice solid doors (pricey but necessary), so I can't even hear the shower running when C is in there in the morning.

A last minute addition in our renovation was that we dry walled the bar that separates the family room from the kitchen. This area had original cedar shingles which can be seen throughout the house.  Our goal is to try to stay as true to the original house as possible. However, there are some areas that can be updated without detracting from the overall original appeal. In fact, I believe that updating a few areas will do the home some good.  This was one of those areas.

You can see in the picture (taken when we were first looking at the house w/ C, my bff, and Realtor) the shingled bar in the background. Several shingles had fallen off and frankly they made the room feel dated and dark. After much debate, and I'm sure to the chagrin of the previous owners, we removed them.
Immediately, the room felt lighter and brighter.  You'll note in all these photos how much wood and stone we have throughout the house. I think the contrast was much needed.

This is a photo before the final coat of paint went up. Please excuse the cluttered counter. We had extra chairs (stackable outdoor surf chairs from Crate and Barrel) at our table due to the Thanksgiving crowd we were expecting.  The 1/2 wall (bar) runs along the entire expanse of family room/eating area.  On the left you'll notice our easy rider bar and to the right our kitchen. I'm not typically a white paint person, but in this house the white feels right.  The back kitchen wall will likely be painted as well. We also updated the lighting along the bar (an interesting project in itself) and over the table (Possini white flower pendant).

So Project #1 is finished.  Project #2, mentioned here, has also been completed. I'll try to take some photos of that one to show you.  Project #3 is likely to be some major window replacement.  5,945 more projects to go.  Sigh.....


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