Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Project letter writing letter for January sent

I'm quite inspired (and slightly embarrassed) that most of you got your letters out in a much more timely fashion for Project Letter Writing.  I've just made the January 31 deadline. Whew. I've put a letter into the mail for Miss Thang.

This is exactly why I started this project and need reinforcement from you. It should be one of the easiest tasks but for some reason it takes more effort than should for me

What is it about writing a note to someone?

Is it that we are so used to typing more quickly? Perhaps.

Is it that we have to tuck away a little bit of time to compose our thoughts? Certainly

It wasn't that difficult, was it? And I know Miss Thang will love the picture of Lola I sent (and the origami folded letter which I'll show you in an upcoming post).

Thank you for joining me in this project and encouraging me through your participation.  Be sure to add a link to your photo or blog post here. Won't it be great to see all our entries at the end of the year.  I'm also enjoying some of your photos (tagged #projectletterwriting).  It will be a great collection of all our efforts throughout the year.

I've also noticed that my friends @Kobrienjewelry and @madeinLowell have tagged a few Instagram photos with #savetheUSPS2012 and #savetheusps. Since this project is also a direct function of the USPS, I'd like to include those tags as well.

I'll announce the winner of the giveaway later today.  Also, some of you may not have received your cards from me yet. You will soon, I promise.

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