Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Renovating interior doors - This (our) Old Modern House - Project #1

We have a very long list of repairs and renovation with our new old house.  Projects that are beyond our scope of DIY ability.  It's a bit overwhelming but we will take it one project at a time.  Priorities will help us manage the list although often priorities are shifted as new issues develop.  For instance, we had already committed to having our interior bedroom/bathroom doors replaced (Project #1 details below) when a big ol' rock fell from our chimney and through a skylight that runs the length of our firecplace.  We now have a gaping hole completely open to the elements.  Ka-ching, a custom skylight needs to be installed before it begins to snow.  Project #2 (to be posted).

So, Project #1 was to replace the aforementioned doors. Why?  The doors we inherited were louvered.  Many of these will remain in our house (all our closets).  Louvered means no privacy.  This may have worked for the previous owners who had no kids.  Not so great for us.  So, we are installing solid bedroom doors and frosted glass bathroom doors, all with locking mechanisms.  Here are some before photos.  I'll post after when this project is complete.

An example of the louvered doors (these happen to be in the studio/office).  Each slat is open so sound, air (smells), dust becomes an issue.  You get my drift.

 This is our replaced master bathroom door.  I already love the look. They'll all be painted black with nickel hardware.

The boy's bathroom had double sliding doors. One door was always completely off it's 1968 track.  The entire wall is being replaced and not easily, I might add.  Apparently the counters (you can see one in the background) were built into the wall.  Thus the wall could only partially come down.  This confirms that everything in the house was built on site.  Good news and bad news.  You can see one of the glass doors leaning on the wall.  The frosted glass will allow all that natural lighting to spill into the hallway. Gotta love that!

Believe me, there's more to come!


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