Monday, May 23, 2011

Back from London well fed, taxi'd out, and a bit jet-lagged

We are back from a week in London, one of my favorite cities in the world. I didn't miss any of the happenings here in the states as they were all topics of discussion across the pond (Straus-Kahn, Arnold, the botox mom).  I also didn't miss RI's awful weather.  London's was particularly lovely with the sun peaking out most days.  We only experienced one evening of substantial rainfall.

C and I had a wonderful time. This was my second trip to London but I feel like I'll need several more just to see so many of the things we missed.  I hadn't planned on not blogging all week but as I began to relax and take in my surroundings, the thought of spending any more time at the local Starbucks than needed to get my daily coffee was simply overwhelming.  Outside of seeing my kids, whom I missed dearly (and Sophie), I'm not too excited to be back.  We are down to 31 days before our move and that reality is almost too much to bear.

Anyway, back to jolly ol' England.  I'm excited to share some photos and tell you all about our stay.  I think I'll write 4 specific posts, each relating to one of the following topics:  restaurants, shopping, sites, and the country.  This trip was filled with wonderful suggestions that I'd love to pass along as well as remember for our next visit.

London drips with history, architecture, and culture.  I could have sat at a busy outdoor cafe all day to simply people watch.  We stayed at the Hotel Russell, in Russell Square, which is in the center of London and near the hospitals where C had his class.

The view from our room.

I spent each day sleeping in and then wandering the streets and museums.  Chris was able to join me on several daytime explorations.  We typically met up each night for wonderful dinners and a pub stop.  Tomorrow, I'll share our great restaurant experiences with you.  Don't visit the post hungry!

When/where was your last vacation sans kids?!  Never?  We've gotta talk!!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip - glad you're back safe and sound! Your pics above look like toys!!! Sort of like Mr. Rogers neighborhood or something. So cool!

  2. Those photos are gorgeous. Sounds just decadent, you deserve it! Can't wait to read more (food & favorite things!).

  3. I'm madly in love with London! Give me a sidewalk cafe and some smarmy Brits and I'm happy for life.

  4. Hah...our last couples only vacation was 9 years ago!!!! We spent a weekend new Orleans for our 10th wedding anniversary ... We're now coming up on 19 years and haven't had the trifecta of money, time and someone to watch the kids that's needed to make this happen, and it ain't happening this summer either. Sigh...


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