Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Think outside the jewelry box

As I've been clearing clutter in our home, I'm noticing things that I've overlooked in the past several years. Sometimes, I experiment with ways to store things. In the case of my jewelry, I had tried everything and finally came up with some solutions I want to replicate in my next home.

I have jewelry boxes both large and small. I even have my childhood jewelry box.  You can see in the photo below (in the reflection of the mirror) that I have a large dresser like jewelry cabinet as well.  None of these boxes have worked for me (btw, I'm selling the jewelry cabinet, local friends).  My pieces get lost in the boxes and I tend to forget about and not wear them. 

My solution has been to put my jewelry out where I can see them.  This is most appropriate for my costume jewelry or pieces I like to wear often.  I can glance at what strikes my fancy for the day, grab, and go. 

Using a broken wooden thread caddy, as seen here, I used Velcro tape to fasten a one of the rows of pegs to the top of a full length mirror.  [Note:  I bought a cheap thread caddy at a cheap store and it cheaply fell apart prompting this idea.  I also attached magnet strips to another broken row and made a magnetic bobbin holder...a totally different project for another time.]

I believe this piece is supposed to be a small spice cabinet.  It's perfect for my cuff collection and some of my dangle earrings.  Items like this can easily be found in your local home decor stores or thrift shops.  They can  be spray painted to match any decor and hung on the wall as an interesting storage solution.  Look closely and you can see earrings from DA Metals and K.O'Brien Jewelry.

I have two of these tie holders hanging in my closet for my rings and necklaces.  The foam covered bars help keep these items from slipping off.  I also love that they don't take a lot of room.

My next home will pose several storage issues that I look forward to sharing with you.  For now, these solutions will follow me to Reno.

What are your favorite storage solutions?


  1. These are great solutions. Your childhood box is beautiful. I have a jewelry box that holds items I haven't looked at in years. The pieces I love and wear hang from the knobs of my bathroom cabinetry. My MIL wore jewelry well. She had an amazing collection of elegant costume jewelry. She kept it in a large jewelry cabinet. Kate plays in it every time we visit my father in law. Each Christmas and birthday she picks a piece to keep for her own. My MIL never knew her grandchildren, but her "bling gene" is strong in Kate.

  2. You have some wonderful storage solutions and you are so organized!!!
    nice post....
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