Friday, March 11, 2011

Closing shop - OM [one moment] meet up #44

Have you ever been so overwhelmed that you feel like a dog chasing its tail?  That's where I am right now.  I find myself wandering the house not knowing which project to begin first: priming walls to paint, sanding radiators to paint, removing all hints of a family who has lived in this house for 7 paint, etc.  I've had the "about to cry" feeling for about a week now.  It's a hard feeling to shake and probably won't go away until after August.

One can't adequately prepare for a move across the country.  It's big and it's painful.

I put my Etsy shop on hiatus.  That was a big moment for me.  It was truly as if I had to hold my breath, close my eyes, and pushing a button.  I'm not sure why it was so hard.  I still plan to blog and maintain my website.  I'll admit, that the second I finished closing my shop, I felt relief.  Maybe that was what I was afraid of - not being sorry I've closed shop.

How was your week?  Did you have to make a tough decision? 

om [one moment] meet upOM is a weekly meet up that promotes living in the moment.  Whether funny, sad, ridiculous, or banal, actively looking for and sharing these moments will promote balance in our lives.

Share in the blog comments here, on your own blog (and link back below)  or on my Facebook fan page. If you are on Twitter,  use hash tag - #omMeetup so we can converse if we'd like. We'd love to hear your moment this week!

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  1. Good for you! There is only so much we can control in our lives, especially during a move. RELEASE. Letting go of extra obligations (or at least hitting the "pause" button) is good for the soul.

  2. Yep, I did a bit of letting go myself! I know where you are and how you's hoping your little online community can help with this huge transition!

  3. Don't worry about anything. Just concentrate on what is more important right now. It won't be easy to move, and I think it's better to take a break from other activities till you settle down again(otherwise you wont have enough time, the pressure will increase and you will feel guilty not following your daily routine). Make a priority list on long term. Good luck, everything will be fine.

  4. Good for you Linda. You certainly do need to concentrate on bigger things right now and free yourself of one less obligation.

    As far as that "about to cry" feeling; I get it every time I look out my window at your house. I'm still in denial. :(

  5. It will be there when you're ready to come back to it. Not an easy decision, but a necessary one. Hopefully, on this Monday, you're already feeling good about it!

  6. Focus on yourself, Linda...also, allow your feelings! What you are into is HUGE for you and your family. Take care, and remember we are here.



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